Kevin Kilpatrick began working in radio during his senior year of high school. Kevin’s teachers were impressed by his husky, non-smoker voice and asked him to deliver morning announcements and work as the school’s PA announcer at girl’s wrestling team matches. After high school, Kevin attended a local university on a theater scholarship performing in numerous shows. Kevin’s radio career has taken him from small-town Arkansas to South Florida. After many years as a radio personality, Kevin moved on to do voice-overs and now audio and video production with K2 Media Productions. Kevin rules mightily in Tennessee from his castle located just south of Nashville. Kevin loves the limelight, performing live (without a net) for a local community theater in his hometown. Kevin also records a daily radio show.

Kevin’s Commercial Demo

Kevin’s Documentary Narration Demo

Kevin’s Corporate and Training Narration Demo

Kevin’s Hard Sell Automotive Demo –

Kevin’s Soft Sell Automotive Demo –

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