With a passion to do the best for his clients, Kevin has some of the coolest, shiniest and “bestest” gear on the planet. It starts with a custom-built sound booth that is triple-insulated to prevent extraneous noise from disrupting a recording session. It’s finished with the finest acoustical foam and bass traps available to ensure pristine sound. Producing a warm and present voiceover, Kevin voices with a Manley Reference Microphone, teamed up with an Avalon VT737sp channel strip. Editing performed on Pro Tools 12 DAW.

Full list of goodies:  Manley Reference Microphone, Sennheiser MKH416 Microphone, Avalon VT737sp Channel Strip, HHB Radius 40 Channel Strip, Apogee Duet Audio Interface, M-Box Audio Interface, Event TR8 Studio Monitors, Pro Tools 12 DAW, IMac CPU, Auralex Acoustical Products.